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At Last.

October 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
One of the highlights of Autumn is the appearance of Fungi, and the warmer weather and dampness has really helped them sprout up all over the place, from gardens to paths and of course the rotting stumps of old trees.
Probably the most famous of the fungi has got to be the old dwarf seat, or umbrella. Instantly identifiable by it white spotted red cap and white stalk the Fly Agaric, it attracts a lot of photographers fly's, slugs and a few other things..

So not to be left out! here are a few of the weekend captures.

The Fly agaric early capture
Allo! he lost he's spots
A little close up/
Another duo.
"Crumbs" theirs loads of them.
A spotless Agaric?
Its a bit of a guess but, I think that as the sheath breaks so as the fruit can grow to its full size the detached sheath shrinks to form the well known white clusters on the agarics red top. I wondered if as they were pushing up through the strands of grass these white clusters are rubbed of  or pushed to the bottom leaving this under ring of clusters. as per the shot above?


Of the fungi found most were or had gone over. or passed their best So with this being the possible last decent fungi foraging weekend. Goodness knows what will be found but I am sure the warm moist conditions will be just right and of course those lovely Autumn colours are in full movement.


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