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Where did March go? and why do we hide Eggs and eat Rabbits at easter??

March 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"Don't forget to get your Flu jab" they said, so to keep the peace I duly rocked up at the jabbing room. Ouch! I am sure the jabber didn't like me??

WOW! modern medicine is a wonder and no mistake a few days later and yup! I got the Flu, and for the next three weeks and still not 100% right, its hanging on in there. What with that and the incessant rain and wind there was not a lot to drag me out even if I could muster the energy.

But enough was enough, gathering some get up and go I get up and went, not a lot going on but what there was, was v nice indeed.

what with the migration gathering in force and some nice, if a tad windy, days.

So what was very nice?

the following for example:

Common Chiffchaff

Little Grebe

Great-crested Grebe

Meadow Pipit

Black Grouse

Black Grouse

Like I said some nice birds and light just for a change. Oh! and for any one reading this, still! Easter is a religious festival, so where did the Rabbits get in there? and what's with the Eggs ?..

Anyway that's it for now hope to see you next time round.





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