Barn Owl fly byBarn Owl fly by

September already! October around the corner OMG! Ho Ho will be getting ready?

August 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

With Winter around the corner it is no surprise to see some colour changes taking place in the woods, subtle but it is starting. Smoke drifting through the trees a slight chill in the air heralding the coming of Autumn. New Fungus sprouting in many of the old logs left to rot amongst the undergrowth turn one over and smell the decay, musty and moist, bugs running for cover away from the light.

But thankfully another month of possible sunny if not damp weather till it really starts to take hold.

In the mean time the last public holiday has come and gone having had some warm temperatures and good light . if a little harsh at times.

So what did I get up to in the last holiday till Xmas? Well RSPB Conwy on the North Wales Coast was the place to be

and here a few of the why's. Sorry but Scones are apparently copyrighted?< LOL!!






Great-white EgretGreat-white Egret

Great-white EgretGreat-white Egret

Great-white Egret

Spotted RedshankSpotted Redshank Spotted RedshankSpotted Redshank

Spotted Redshank

Teal wing stretchTeal wing stretch Shy GarganeyShy Garganey

And with Teal and Garganey bringing up the rear, just goes to show how the Bank Holiday Weekend went, and a couple of shots of a Juvenile Common Tern from the local reserve.

Juvenile Common TernJuvenile Common Tern Juvenile Common TernJuvenile Common Tern Juvenile Common TernJuvenile Common Tern


There you have it for me. a brilliant weekend was had and with some excellent RSPB Conwy Scones Mmmmm.


so see you the next time around eh!



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