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Madness in March

March 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

Fly Fishing!

Fly FishingFly Fishing

 I know it has nothing to with the intended March Madness! Just like the story here and the unknown ending.

Anyhow I digress a little, the idea for March was to trawl the fields of the North of the County (Shropshire) on the hunt for The Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus). All the normal haunts seem to be devoid of anything remotely like them, where there was normally several there were none! But eventually a pair were found and putting on a show for me closer than I was expecting.


Just love those ears.


The gentle approach.


A few jitters.


She is not happy and he is expecting the ensuing slap.


And the next.

slappedslapped after these it heated up.


And the old left right combo.


A leap of faith gets a severe kicking.


And finally he, Percy verance! gets his reward for all the battering and rejection he got.

So a successful hunt in the end, but it reflects the serious amount of shooting taking it's toll on the Shropshire populations, also the coursers illegally hunting them is it any surprise they are difficult to find..

well hope you come back soon..








Meurig Garbutt(non-registered)
Unfortunately Night time Lamping is a very common activity around my area. Even hear gun shots at 03;;00 in the morning. Can only imagine what they are shooting.
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