Paul King's Photography: Blog en-us (C) Paul King's Photography (Paul King's Photography) Sun, 19 Aug 2018 22:21:00 GMT Sun, 19 Aug 2018 22:21:00 GMT Paul King's Photography: Blog 120 96 A little catch up from March til now!!! I can't believe it has been so long since I was in a position to upload some of the latest for the last 4 months. With visits to Frampton (Lincs) ,North Devon, Anglesey and reserves in Gloucestershire it has been none stop and a wedding in the mix it has been a tad crazy, to say the least .So where to start? I know! the beginning could be a go!, so ok 

This is most likely just going to be a selection of Photographs as pinning to a location could the old grey matter a little but will edit as I remember , LOL! like that will happen ;).

A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here A right mix of locations here

Shropshire, Bridges, Chelmarsh and South Stack Anglesey


Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long. Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long. Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long. Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long. Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long. Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long. Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long. Emerald-Damselfly-TBSuch colour and only circa 30mm long.

Some real corkers, The Brown Argus from Daneway and Strawberry Bank, Emerald Damselfly and Black Dragonfly The Bog Shropshire, Chalk Hill Blue,

and the Fox Moth were at Prestbury Hill Gloucester.  The High brown Fritillary was in North Devon

Arriving early on the hills overlooking Cheltenham the mist was as thick as a good old thick FOG! but by 11:00 the sun poked its happy face out and there they were butterflies everywhere and happy face for me too as Dawn had found the wanted Chalkhill Blue fantastic.

There will be more as I re-collect my info from the records thank goodness for Bird Journal which actually does everything fantastic pocket brain indeed.

So See you a bit later on


]]> (Paul King's Photography) Black dragonfly Brown argus Chalkhill Blue Emerald Damselfly Frampton Marsh Lincolnshire Gloucestershire High-brown Fritilary North Devon Shropshire Wed, 08 Aug 2018 16:38:36 GMT
West Kirby's Greater Scaup and Others. The tide was so far out it was difficult to see any water and the wind was more than a  tad cold, but the Marina lake looked to be void of wildlife. Then a good size mini flock of Brent Geese hove into view, which is always very nice to catch up with A curlew, Redshank and Turnstone dropped onto one of the jetty's, there seemed to be very little else , a few gulls and some Mallard. But after about five minutes of scanning, target acquired, up they popped, seems like I missed them on previous scans as they were under the water. WOW! 7 Greater Scaup a mixed bunch but fantastic to have them. There were no Red-breasted Mergansers here today but I'll take the Scaup and Brent.

 I settled down by the car, as I charged my batteries, having forgotten to do so the previous evening, it was evident that these guys were not phased by the public walking dogs and runners going around the top of the retaining wall, wow! so confiding, even to the extent of a black Lab retrieving a ball from mere feet away from them. The activity started moving the group along the lake in the direction of the building to the North of the lake, I kept an eye on this as the waters edge was very easy to access at that point, whilst I took more notice of the Geese. They and the Scaup were moving along the North shore so , position changed to await their arrival, and arrive they did in fact so close I had to back up a bit to ensure no chopped of tails etc.

For the Brent Geese it was the grass they were after whilst similar for the Scaup, they were also surfacing with small crustaceans. These Duck were so confiding it was  great to get the close up shots, when they appear a my local lakes they were always so distant and flighty this was a real bonus day.

, Female-Scaup-West-KirbyFemale-Scaup-West-Kirby Female Greater Scaup

Greater-Scaup-West-KirbyGreater-Scaup-West-Kirby Male Greater Scaup


Brent Goose

Brent-goose-WKBrent-goose-WK Brent Goose one of 17

It was now the turn of Burton Mere for a mooch about and a very nice Mooch it was. The addition of the Great white Egret, Merlin and Avocets were a welcome addition to the chase, for another 200+ year, no Marsh harriers were seen.

Mission accomplished it was back to the Shire.

As many will know the influx of Hawfinch's has been unprecedented with many people scouring church yards for the large and colourful seed eaters.

and they were not disappointed with birds being found in many churchyards around the county with close on 70 in one flock.

So it was out and go for some photographs of, what is normally for the county a difficult bird to get, I was not to be disappointed.


Male Hawfinch at the Fitz Church feeding on Yew seeds.


Such colourful birds and that beak is massive.

Hawfinch-Fitz-3Hawfinch-Fitz-3 Hawfinch-31122917Hawfinch-31122917 Hawfinch-FitzHawfinch-Fitz

As you can probably guess I filled my boots with these as Like I said not always so easy to find in the county and so near, it was amazing to be able to observe them at such close range.

So that's it for another Blog rambling by yours truly.

Hope to see you at the next Blog take it easy and good birding.




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Snuggled up as the first Snow storm moves across the Taw Estuary At the end of the day the estuary took on a surreal look as the weak winter sun sank spreading some wonderful light over the low water of the Taw. Esturine-SundownEsturine-Sundown


The idea of the day was to find and photograph the Spoonbills that kept getting reported around the marshes and salting's but, could I link up with them ? no! it was yesterday at so and so, or earlier at the other side!!! Well after observing a Waterrail for a while I got news that the Spoonbills had just flown into the RSPB reserve at Islay marsh, it was the end of the useable light, but I hoofed it down the Tarka trail for an opportunity to view and possibly get a few shots.





Whilst the rest (3) snuggled down against the wind and snow moving across the countryside, this one had a bit of a preen and move about to get the right position for a warmer snooze. Not a brilliant shot, but I was happy considering the conditions prevailing.

A few days earlier I was out on the Braunton Marsh hoping to catch sight of the Taig Bean Goose, and I was lucky to find it with some Mute swans , just a long way of, but the scene that unfolded in front of me was awesome.


The Mute Swans and the Bean Goose all moved to their right whilst concentrating on what ever was going on to their left. The Peregrine paused in the consumption of the Lapwing it had taken shortly before this shot, issued couple of screeches and the movement stopped. 


This was what had them interested. A fine looking Fox as he casually strolled through the field.

fox-Headfox-Head Fox-SquintingFox-Squinting   All in all a good couple of days down on the Marsh and Estuary with some cool birds, the Glossy Ibis still managed to elude me, whilst again it was reported as being on the Pill at Fremington



]]> (Paul King's Photography) bean braunton colours goose low marsh peregrine snow spoonbill sunset taw estuary water wind Mon, 05 Mar 2018 02:49:18 GMT
Fantastic Birds in less than fantastic weather. So far, this winter has been particularly wet and windy, and though the temperatures are going to drop and there's the remote possibility of white stuff on the hills, we still go out and search for those species that are either visiting or have moved to lower locations.

A trip to Slimbridge proved really good for the numbers game with some fine species about, some pictures to follow.

Pochard-landingPochard-landing Pochard

For the odd period or two the light improved somewhat, but unfortunately did not last.

little-stint-slimbridgelittle-stint-slimbridge Little Stint.

Never one to venture too close, a bit of a long distance shot unfortunately.

SPOT-SHANKSPOT-SHANK Awful shot of a Spotted Redshank a long way off.



Never disappointed with a trip to the Holy Island today, it was the attraction of the reported Black throated Diver on Llyn llygeirion

and as it turned out, an easy location to find, tucked away not far from the Power station, certainly worth keeping a watch on this one on any trip to the island

So on to the (too many photo's) selection of the days capture.

BLACK-THROATED-DIVERBLACK-THROATED-DIVER Black-throated-Diver-2Black-throated-Diver-2 Black-throated-Diver-1Black-throated-Diver-1 It took a number of hours before it came close enough for some nice shots, blimmin shame the light was so poor, grey water, grey Sky and a grey ish Diver-meh!

But a nice lifer for the UK, in fact my first white billed diver, so I am chuffed. Missed the in flight moment as it transferred water, but plenty of preening activity.

What else did I find? Well, Holyhead Marina: 2 Great northern Divers, a Shag, Juvenile Razorbill, Turnstone and Red Breasted Merganser, plus the normal, shame no Black Guillimot seen, just have to go back me thinks.

Just a reminder to those that go for the Black Grouse,,, stay in your car for goodness sake, and as it is schedule 1 you can avoid prosecution.

So enjoy the birds

Cheers for a bit



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Christmas is coming and the birds are getting scarce!!! Or so the saying goes, well sort of close anyway.. having to split my time between two locations, one with no web access. Did curtail my keyboard activities. So what has been going on? I hear you say, I hope!! The end of 2017 proved to be really good with the influx of Hawfinch's across the country, and it seems most Church yards having one or more in the county (Shropshire). Naturally it was a photo fest as sites were identified, and visited particularly the more rural ones. Mind you the weather was not going to be kind with very few days having good light, but with some perseverance some good results were had. For example;


Whitcliffe common above Ludlow was a good spot.  With some of the Church finch's.

Hawfinch-Fitz-3Hawfinch-Fitz-3 Hawfinch-31122917Hawfinch-31122917 Hawfinch Fitz 311217Hawfinch Fitz 311217 Hawfinch-FitzHawfinch-Fitz A Penduline Tit had taken up residence, once again in Gloucester, and it would have been rude not to go a do it, a cracking bird and confident if a little shy at times. However it did strike a pose..

Penduline-tit-2Penduline-tit-2 This was one of those rare occasions which allowed some good exposures.

PENDULINE-TIT-3PENDULINE-TIT-3 Tucking into lunch!

At the local reserve Redpol and Goldfinch were performing nicely in front of the hide on several days.


So now we wait to see how the next few weeks pan out, hoping for an extended wind change and temperature drop freezing the smaller waters and floods pushing wildfowl into more concentrated areas. Hmmm! we shall see..

rEDPOL-SIDE-ONrEDPOL-SIDE-ON rEDPOL-AND-SEEDSrEDPOL-AND-SEEDS Goldfinch-on-teaselGoldfinch-on-teasel Well that does it for the last two months, and here is hoping things start to improve soon.

Check back to find out




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High winds, high hill and high hopes! The initial report of a Common Rock thrush in Wales crossed the screen of the phone in Notifications. WOW!  now that is one within a couple of hours that is needed for the year and UK life list, fantastic indeed. So everyday I would check the news to see if it was still there and not gone or been predated. And then some two weeks after the initial report the opportunity arose to go for it, was it still there? constant checks on the news channels as we arrived it was posted as still there Phew!!

The wind was brisk and cold and the over trouser's were on, just two more Kilometers to go over the hill to quarry three?? being early only a couple of others were about and looking at something, the pulse increased more from the walk than bird,,, Don't want to seem over keen innit? So what was all the fuss about? A rare bird to the UK indeed, although there have been a few over the years, But none I could connect with, at last arrival gave the first views of this beautiful bird and it dropped down to within no more than 10 feet! Well I proceeded to shoot it! for the next couple of hours, no coffee or sandwiches but never noticed the lack, in the presence of this little stunner.


Common Rock Thrush.

It was so confiding that at times it was too close, providing for some awesome photo's

Common-Rock-Thrush-2Common-Rock-Thrush-2 Wing-FlashWing-Flash

Some upkeep required in the sunshine.

The colour under the wing, often hidden was stunning.


A little light lunch which was followed by a little rest!


A Cattle Egret, at the local Reserve Venus Pools.

A first for the county for me and for the reserve.

As normal it's short and sweet and brings me up to date. The only other thing was a visit to the coast in the high winds which produced some great birds like Great northern Diver and a fantastic Pomeranian Skua with large spoons another year first..

cheers Paul


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And where to pause !!! So where to next? The beach at Cley was the venue. The wind was staying from the south west , which whilst not giving much did produce the occasional nice bird. Like Red-throated Diver, Juvenile Guillemot and a smattering of Gannet, with sea duck well out near the Wind turbines. Then it was off to the NWT café for a break and then down to the hides for some good birding. The water level was down and had some good flocks of waders and duck about.

so what did the camera get?



Godwit-VolunteersGodwit-Volunteers Black-tailed Godwit.

A-few-Golden-PloverA-few-Golden-Plover A small group of Golden Plover.

Bar-tailed-Godwit-Volunteers-marshBar-tailed-Godwit-Volunteers-marsh Bar-tailed Godwit.

Turnstone-Brancaster-harbourTurnstone-Brancaster-harbour Turnstone.

Ruff-Titchwell-17Ruff-Titchwell-17 The-PullThe-Pull Ringed Plover.

So there the ones from Norfolk, the next port of call was to Spurn for the day and the same was going on, south Westerly winds. Thankfully there as some nice bit s and pieces, like Arctic Warbler, Slavonian Grebe and Rose-coloured Starling so happy with a day at spurn, oops nearly forgot Twite difficult to get recently.

The final port of call was to be New Brighton the Saturday proved a bust but the weather for Sunday was promising to see the wind swing round to Westerly's  pushing some fine birds in to the rive mouth and coast. The best of the day was definitely a Pomeranian Skua with brilliant large spoons, a flyover Great-northern Diver, a number of Leach's Petrel were reported but missed them, Bugger! Boy was it rough, the sea coming over the wall all along the promenade and sand coming so fast it would strip you skin of  if you let it.

Well the you go all up to date for now Now bring on the bad weather!!!

Cheers Paul



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Where to Start ? and where to stop? From the middle of September until the middle of October, a lot of miles have been added to the tripometer thingy, from Norfolk to Neston Cheshire and to East Yorkshire Easington, and of course some fantastic birds along the way.

An amazing thing is that you go East and the action unleashes on the West, so you go West and, yep, it kicks of on the East coast, and Spurn finally turns up some decent stuff, thank goodness.

So where to start? ok so time in Norfolk.

The week prior to arrival the winds were Easterly and things were arriving nicely, however the week of arrival they had swung to the South and South west, and the movement more or less dried up. Not to get to depressed it was day one, and of course Titchwell was calling, and the bacon butties were shouting "eat me!"

The first news was of a Yellow Browed Warbler in and around the picnic area, as per the norm it was not found, so of to the hides with Marsh Harrier along the path. The Island Hide provided a couple of nice Water Rail and a couple of stunning Ruff, A large flock of Golden Plover settled in the distance, opportunities abound. 

So initial captures,



Little Stint

Bar-tailed Godwit

Golden-Plover-TitchwellGolden-Plover-Titchwell Golden Plover

Brent-Geese-1Brent-Geese-1 Brent Geese

Blackwit-TitchwellBlackwit-Titchwell Black-tailed Godwit

Little-Egret-TitchwellLittle-Egret-Titchwell Little Egret.

Snowbunting-Titchwell-beachSnowbunting-Titchwell-beach Snow Bunting on the beach.

A few from the RSPB reserve at Titchwell. The next stop was Thornham Marsh and Brancaster Harbour.

Comments are appreciated.




]]> (Paul King's Photography) bar-tailed godit beach black brent browed egret geese godwit golden little stint plover rspb ruff tailed titchwell warbler yello Fri, 20 Oct 2017 19:46:22 GMT
A catchup on a theme, With the inclement weather continuing it has become difficult photographing species not done to death already this season, the hope is that as Autumn arrives some of the ,long awaited Waders will drop into the county, so far it has been pretty slim pickings.

So to keep in trim! who am I kidding? it was out as much as possible curtailed by a stint (sic) in Devon with mother not well. but even there some nice Gannet shots were had sadly,the hoped for Shearwater passage did not get seen, So with some nice weather and a well stocked garden there were lots of Macro opportunities so guess what? yup! here follows some of the bugs from a garden in North Devon. And a few other places.


Green tiger BeetleScope those Jaws.

Green Tiger beetle

Corazus Hyoscyami (Rhopatidae)

Now do I either use the Latin names or the "Vulgar" a paradigm which stumps me at time mostly as I don't know the Latin and the reference books are a bit thin on the ground here ceptin Birds and a few others..

Landing gear down Flaps hundreds.

Hawthorn ShieldbugHawthorn Shieldbug Shieldbug-instarShieldbug-instar Shed-skinShed-skin Hawthorn Sheildbug after the occupant left in a new suit.

Apart from the in flight Bee the above are of the Hawthorn Sheildbugs a really cute (ish) bug .

Mirid-bugMirid-bug Mirid Bug. 
 Pantilius tunicatus . Shropshire

So as not bore anyone I shall complete this entry now and make a start on the next one to catch up. so thanks for the visit leave any comments and hope to see you again.




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Bugs and stuff With the weather being a bit iffy, there was a lot of editing and house chores needing to be caught up on, So taking the Macro out and having it ready was quite entertaining. The Lavender was earning it's keep with an average of thirty Bees, of various species moving amongst the flower heads. These proved a brilliant distraction from cleaning and washing.




Bee-mimic HoverflyBee-mimic Hoverfly






So there a very easy blog for a change, and proved an interesting time identifying some of the species, and education indeed

enjoy and until the next one

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A right good looking bird!  The 4am start for a long drive over to deepest darkest Wales was the start to what proved to be a stunning trip, The target this time was the Ynslas Estuary, the aberdovey to be correct, and there had been reports of a 1st Summer Female King Eider on the small river mouth of the Leri.

An early start proved the key as the boats from this inlet had not yet started to ply  the waters so all was quiet.

So with wet feet from the misted grass we arrived to a right good looking bird on the river Leri.

And it performed very nicely thank you.


 A bit of a shake after a longish dive was the first shot of the day.

Diagnostic or what?

1st-Winter-female-King-Eider-YN1st-Winter-female-King-Eider-YN Followed with a bit of coy posing showing some fine detail.

And then the first boats started up and she moved toward the river mouth this was the last shot we were able to get as she found herself a nice dry islet and settled down to have a kip.

We waited for a long time but the boats kept coming and going so there was no sign of her returning

So it was of to the services for a good bacon butty and a coffee

So the early birders got the shots they were after albeit a bit distant.

Hope you have a great day tomorrow.



]]> (Paul King's Photography) aberdovey boats ceredigion eider female king leri mist mussles river summer wales water wet ynslas Sat, 08 Jul 2017 23:48:31 GMT
They start to fly in June and July! includes the Emperors clothes WhiteYou would normally expect in June and July or at least assume, that the sun will shine and all those lovely bugs and butterflies will be on the wing. So having to sit out some pretty drastic weather, wet and dreary was a real pain. So it was clean kit and grab whatever chance came along to get out. The sudden news on the grape vine was of Bee Eaters in Notts, and as they were close by it was a no brainer. Arrival was well early with only a few cars parked up, so kit on and trek down to the site for exciting birds.

They were distant and staying that way as they took foraging flights and not very often failing to catch Bees and other prey. Bee-Eater--Trio-ELBee-Eater--Trio-EL

Like the occasional Dragonfly.

The sky was overcast for a fair portion of the morning but as the light improved they looked stunning.


Bee-Eater-EL-2aBee-Eater-EL-2a The only real close low level bee chase.

This was the start of a brilliant weekend. Always keeping an eye on the flight times of Butterflies, it was time for a few nice ones hopefully.

One that was wanted is the Purple Emperor,  So a trip to Northamptonshire to Fermyn Woods  was done, as it was the closest place to find them.

The morning broke with a fantastic sunrise, bright and very few clouds in the sky. So spirits were high.

Arriving to find the pay and display machine had been stolen!!! and a sign saying "get tickets at café", which did not open for around two and a half hours. Sod that, it was off we went, bit of blind leading the blind really , White Admiral was a good starter for the day. a record view of an Emperor and Purple Hairstreak  only, but we got the info of where the most likely spot might be and off we went.

There were a lot of Butterflies seen, Comma, Red Admiral, Silver-washed Fritillary, Small Skipper and Large Skipper, Purple Hairstreak, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Small Heath, Green-veined White. Large White, Small White, Speckled Wood and White Admiral, just no Emperors. It was a long trudge back to the car for coffee and a re-think. the breeze was dropping and the clouds dispersing , a hurried lunch was had.

And back along the main track, with a lot of stops for various Butterflies. I glimpsed a movement in the old peripheral vision, which was a miracle in it self,,, and there on the floor in front of me was the target a beautiful Purple Emperor mineralising,  the sun was really showing the purple sheen on the upper wing beautifully.

Purple-Emporer-posePurple-Emporer-pose Purple-EmperorPurple-Emperor Purple-Emperor-feeding-1Purple-Emperor-feeding-1 PURPLE-EMPEROR-UNDERWINGPURPLE-EMPEROR-UNDERWING The underwing is spectacular.

And the Purple Hairstreak is just as spectacular when the sun gets on it.

Purple-Hairstreak-PH-16Purple-Hairstreak-PH-16 The Purple Hairstreak.

Purple-Hairstreak-PH-16-1Purple-Hairstreak-PH-16-1 The beautiful purple sheen.

And the last for this

Blog post.

The White Admiral. White AdmiralWhite AdmiralWhite Admiral

So a totally thrilling weekend a lot of miles but some reward! or what?


So there it is until the next time.

in the meantime go and enjoy some Nature




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Norfolk part two, Earth Dwellers.  Travelling around Norfolk you can't help but come across the ubiquitous Brown Hare, feeding and cavorting around the fields along with Red-legged Partridge, and the now rare in many counties the Grey Partridge, Marsh Harriers and buzzards squabbling over carcases, Red Kites soaring the field margins and the worlds supply of Woodpigeons!

Red-legged-PartridgeRed-legged-Partridge Red-legged Partridge.

You know this gaudy little Partridge is also referred to as the French Hen in parts, with some saying the markings resembles the make up of the old women knitting at the Guillotine. Or some other such tale.

Like I said Brown Hares seem to be every where you looked, I think that might be an overstatement just seemed like it.

Brown-Hare-tastingBrown-Hare-tasting Brown Hare.

The Brown HareThe Brown Hare And again!

Grey-Partridge-maleGrey-Partridge-male Grey Partridge.

Calling-Grey-PartridgeCalling-Grey-Partridge Calling for his partner.


And he finds her so it's out for dinner.

Swallowtail-Butterfly-2017Swallowtail-Butterfly-2017 Swallow-tailed Butterfly Hickling Broad.

Swallowtail-headon.Swallowtail-headon. Swallow-tail-on-ThistleSwallow-tail-on-Thistle Such a beautiful sight and a first for me in UK.

It being the penultimate day news broke of a very nice female Red-necked Phalarope at WWT Welney

So another first for the UK and if still there a great catch, and it was on both counts.

Red-necked-Phalarope-a-Red-necked-Phalarope-a- Beautiful Female.

Red-necked-Phalarope-cRed-necked-Phalarope-c Stunner.

Red-necked-Phalarope-bRed-necked-Phalarope-b Could not have wished for better views.

And to bring a fantastic trip to a close and being on the route back to Shropshire it would have been rude not to stop for a quick Stone Curlew, and as it would have it on display really nicely,

Stone-Curlew-WH-2017Stone-Curlew-WH-2017 So the four days were over and what a four days they had been fantastic birds all round a trio of UK firsts amongst the rain wind and sunshine brilliant so can it be a repeat trip on sept or October for some more super birds on revers migration? I am sure you will find out




]]> (Paul King's Photography) red-necked phalarope red necked phalarope swallowtail grey partridge brown hare eurasian legged norfolk Fri, 16 Jun 2017 00:17:40 GMT
Norfolk escapades.  

 Norfolk always seems to turn up some fantastic photo opportunities all over the place and it did not disappoint this time either.

The day of arrival it was brilliant a little wind but no rain thankfully, But that night the forecast was for high winds gusting up to 50MPH, it wasn't wrong the next morning it was peeing down and getting blown sideways along the causeway to the hide, thank goodness for Paramo jacket and trouser I stayed dry as a bone.


Reflective Lapwings.

The first bird to present itself literally was the Cetti's as getting set up photo's were taken at close quarters but not by me ,Bugger. But then out of nowhere a nice Turtle Dove dropped in to a naked tree and posed really well.

Turtle-DoveTurtle-Dove Turtle Dove.

Turtle-Dove-TitchwellTurtle-Dove-Titchwell Turtle Dove in mid preen.

An amazing period of time early morning in the car park at Titchwell RSPB reserve. And was so confiding as we moved around trying to find the best position.

Little-Tern-Burnham-OveryLittle-Tern-Burnham-Overy Littlle Tern Brancaster Harbour.


Spotted some breakfast perhaps?

The harbour also frequented by Common and Sandwich Terns.

Young-AvocetYoung-Avocet Avocet chicks were plentiful with very attentive and protective parents watching every Black-headed Gull.

Avocet-Woodlane-2017Avocet-Woodlane-2017 Avocet feeding and watching the young.

Now-whatNow-what And there were plenty of young birds around being fed.

Little-GullLittle-Gull 3rd Summer Little Gull.

little-Gull-3rd-Summerlittle-Gull-3rd-Summer 3rd Summer Little Gull.

Juv-Long-tailed-TitJuv-Long-tailed-Tit Young Long-tailed Tit.

Days two and three were the same wet and windy to the n'th degree, so we moved away a bit from the coast and struck it lucky, with Brown Hares, red-legged Partridge and Grey Partridge and the car never moved amazing. time to say the least. So check in again for another episode from Norfolk

laters peeps.


]]> (Paul King's Photography) Avocet Brancaster Broad Dove Gull Harbour Hickling Little NWT RSPB Tern Titchwell Turtle Dove Thu, 15 Jun 2017 22:57:05 GMT
Goodness what a time. It has been a little while since the last entry to the Blog, and it has been a real busy period indeed, flitting around some wonderful places north and south with dare I admit it a Twitch! so between Burton Mere, Leighton Moss Strawberry Banks and north Wales it was hectic to say the least.

So what on earth was achieved with this frenetic rush around? I shall show you with a little blurd for each picture. and even might have do a part two to ensure you get the full monty!

A blast from the past that never got blogged.

Red-footed FalconRed-footed Falcon The Red-footed Falcon

How I missed it out I don't know.

And so to start with some of the earlier periods of the month.

Avocet-Woodlane-2017Avocet-Woodlane-2017 Avocet at Woodlane Shropshire, and it was a one day wonder thankfully it was got.

bUFF-SAND-3bUFF-SAND-3 The Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Burton Mere Cheshire

A fantastic find which thankfully stayed for the masses, A first in the UK for me so I was welled pleased to say the least.

As the following one or two might attest to !

Buff-breasted-Sandpiper-a-BM-2017Buff-breasted-Sandpiper-a-BM-2017 Bully-Boy-and-Buff-breasted-SandpiperBully-Boy-and-Buff-breasted-Sandpiper Buff-breasted-and-Blackwit-BM-2017Buff-breasted-and-Blackwit-BM-2017 A stunning little wader indeed.

Femal-Redstart-a-EV-2017Femal-Redstart-a-EV-2017 Female Common Redstart

Elan Valley was the next port of call for some really nice close encounters with some nice birds and a fantastic pasty Mmmmm!

Male-Redstart-a-EV-2017Male-Redstart-a-EV-2017 Male Redstart

SPOTTED-FLYCATCHER-EV-2017SPOTTED-FLYCATCHER-EV-2017 The Spotted Flycatcher. these birds were not long on site and busy searching out partners and nest sites in the woods opposite the Visitor centre

I thought I would have do the Part 1 and 2 scenario this time round so as to ensure you get the full picture, so keep an eye out for part two in the next few days..


]]> (Paul King's Photography) Anglesey Black Buff-breasted Sandpiper Cemlyn Coast Flycatcher Redstart Sandwich Sea Tern White migration whitethroat Wed, 31 May 2017 07:00:00 GMT
A little of what you fancy With the finding of the Night Heron at Venus Pool it produced a mini twitch by many a birder from as far as Ireland. Many Photographs have appeared since it re-located to the Dingle In Shrewsbury Giving many some fantastic photo opportunities. So not be left out here is one of a few from me.

along with a catch up from the month so far.

Night-Heron-cNight-Heron-c The Night Heron.

SEDGE-WARBLER-bb2017SEDGE-WARBLER-bb2017 Sedge Warbler in full song.

Whitethroat-BB-2017Whitethroat-BB-2017 Whitethroat blasting it out.

Whitethroat-a-BB-2017Whitethroat-a-BB-2017 And a bit quieter.

Garden-Warbler-CC-a-2017Garden-Warbler-CC-a-2017 Garden Warbler.

Garden-Warbler-CC-2017Garden-Warbler-CC-2017 Also in full song.

Tree-Pipit-CC-2017Tree-Pipit-CC-2017 Tree Pipit in display flight.

Dotterel-LM-a-2017Dotterel-LM-a-2017 A nice Dotterel on the Long Mynd a fantastic "got it" for the day, an earlier check produced no sightings but lots of swirling mist about at that point.

Dotteral-LM-2017-5Dotteral-LM-2017-5 The other of the pair in the driving rain and cold wind.

Wood-Warbler-CC-2017Wood-Warbler-CC-2017 Wood Warbler.

There you go catch up done for now.

more to come later I Hope.



]]> (Paul King's Photography) Garden Heron Night Sedge Warbler WarblerNight Whitethroat Wood Tue, 09 May 2017 01:44:32 GMT
The Shropshire Quartet WOW! Since late Autumn last year (2016), Yellow-browed Warblers were being reported from all over the UK, even one in a garden in Condover the other side of Shrewsbury, did I go to see it ? well of course! but even two trips failed to find the little blighter, So I resigned myself to a trip to Kinver to get an all too brief a view, but a view it was and so on the year list it went. Nothing more was heard from the county until One was found practically on my doorstep, well guess what, late Sunday afternoon I was, with one other late arrival, scouring the copse where it was last seen. An hour passed and the light was fading when suddenly it was found high up, feeding frantically. Boom! My first for the county was had. I was well chuffed.

There followed over the next few days several more visits until finally it was to appear less than 20 feet away feeding in a sycamore sapling, to my delight, and so it was photographed.



The Yellow-browed Warbler.

Then odd as it may be, near a year to the week an Iberian Chiffchaff re-appeared at the same site as last year, the Granville Country park, well not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak, it was duly visited and sure enough true to its form was singing it's head off. Not as showy as last year but on the odd occasion it was low and close.

Iberian ChiffchaffIberian Chiffchaff

A stunning Iberian Chiffchaff.

What a brilliant start to the month, what on earth could trump these two little beauties? It did not take long before news broke of a mega for the county found at Venus Pool, an adult Night Heron, I had to read that tweet twice! Coffee thrown into travel mug, bag and tripod in car and away within five minutes, it was with bated breath as I was held up by every tractor in the county on a go slow, eventually they moved over and in a couple of minutes I had arrived to a surprisingly near empty carpark, I had beaten the crowds, yay!.

I was soon onto the bird which had backed it self into the vegetation at the side of the pool, a difficult shot with all the obstructions so it was only record shots I'm afraid.

The Night Heron.

Wow! What a week this turned out to be, unbelievable, But wait! A Shorelark photographed on Titterstone Clee, NO! WTF! Really! As it transpired, it had been reported way back in the March, so for it to still be here was amazing knowing how busy that place gets with walkers etc.

And so on the road direct from Venus pool for a second fantastic bird of the weekend, as the trip was fraut with, is it still there?

Arriving to find others encamped and watching the ridge intently for any sign of the Lark. Then, BOOM! high on the ridge OMG fantastic bird, it gradually descended to a much more manageable distance, I remained at the base of the hill as others climbed up for better access, and down it came, so Shorelark got!


The Shorelark.

Well the week came to an end with all got and two gone, So it was back to looking and waiting for the migrants to return to territories with lots more stuff still to arrive.

So watch this space







]]> (Paul King's Photography) browed chiffchaff clee copse granville heron iberian iberian chiffchaff lark ludlow night night heron park pool shore shorelark shrewsbury tellford titterstone venus warbler yellow yellow-browed warbler Thu, 13 Apr 2017 18:10:35 GMT
Rare Siberian visitor to Telford Shropshire. Nearly every year I make the effort to catch up with any Yellow-browed Warblers, well those within fuel allowance at least. If you consider the weight being barley more than a Goldcrest, and the distance they travel from the Siberian Taiga they deserve to be seen and admired for their endurance. 2016 saw one in Condover Shropshire which proved too elusive for me, so I went for the one at Kinver and very nice it was too. But to distant for any photo's. So how pleased was I when there was one reported virtually on the doorstep so to speak, 2.5 K,meters away in Shawbirch. Needless to say I was like a dog with two tails to catch up with it on the Sunday pm.

But still remained absent from the lens unfortunately, so it was go back and go back, until BOOM! nailed it! and a stupid grin on the Boat race. So why was I pleased let me show you.

Yellow-browed-Warbler-TFYellow-browed-Warbler-TF Yellow-browed-Warbler-cYellow-browed-Warbler-c Yellow-browed-Wabler-gYellow-browed-Wabler-g

Virtually all of the time was spent grabbing aphids and any other insects it could get hold of, interspersed with a bit of calling and preening but rarely still for more than a few seconds at a time. Assuming it has spent the winter somewhere in the county and how tatty it is things can only improve along with plumage I wonder how long it will stay in this little copse ?

So if you can go try and hook up with this little star.



]]> (Paul King's Photography) yellow-browed warbler Thu, 06 Apr 2017 18:02:37 GMT
March the Thirty oneth! can you believe it? Tomorrow is the start of another new month, April first, and with the slight improvement in the weather we find Pied Flycatcher are back on station, Willow Warblers singing from the tree tops Ospreys at or on way to their preferred nesting sites across the country. how happy are the watchers out there as more new birds will be added to the year list, with many hoping to achieve the 200 total or better. And with the warmer weather the chance of an overshoot always being hoped for. So what has been going on over the last few weeks? not a lot but a few nice things came about as the days went by, so to start with Shoveler are displaying as are Mute swans, all involving lots of head bobbing and chuntering loudly. I shall keep this short as the sun is shining out there and I am off to enjoy it.. So here you go.


Meadow Pipit early morning light.


Red Grouse in morning sunshine.


Mute Swans Grebesque.


Female Red-breasted Merganser.


Wheatear on South Stack.



StonechatStonechatStonechat on Gorse

Stonechat on Gorse.

Stonechat looks rightStonechat looks right

And again a lovely male.

So all caught up at last, thank goodness,

You know I feel a Rant coming on,,, so here's the thing, if we take the number of dogs in the country and the average weight of their droppings  at 1kg that will amount to a whole pile of shit, we would be getting into the realms of unbelievable piles of shit! Yes! many owners pick it up bag it and walk of with it,, until they can not find anywhere to put it, no bins. So the result is "no one looking I shall sling into the trees, where it will hang for anything up to 5 years or more. this is most prevalent on Nature Reserves and the like. AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT! however get a photo of culprit\s and send to council with vehicle Reg if you can get it, the council will prosecute with sufficient evidence,,, or retrieve it and give it to them back hang it on their wipers, they don't like that at all. So go on chase your parish, town and county council to provide bins ,,, recycle some old oil drums and empty them !!! cant see it happening oddly enough....






]]> (Paul King's Photography) chiffchaff grouse heather meadow pipit red grouse red-breasted merganser stonechat wheatear Fri, 31 Mar 2017 17:27:50 GMT
Madness in March Fly Fishing!

Fly FishingFly Fishing

 I know it has nothing to with the intended March Madness! Just like the story here and the unknown ending.

Anyhow I digress a little, the idea for March was to trawl the fields of the North of the County (Shropshire) on the hunt for The Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus). All the normal haunts seem to be devoid of anything remotely like them, where there was normally several there were none! But eventually a pair were found and putting on a show for me closer than I was expecting.


Just love those ears.


The gentle approach.


A few jitters.


She is not happy and he is expecting the ensuing slap.


And the next.

slappedslapped after these it heated up.


And the old left right combo.


A leap of faith gets a severe kicking.


And finally he, Percy verance! gets his reward for all the battering and rejection he got.

So a successful hunt in the end, but it reflects the serious amount of shooting taking it's toll on the Shropshire populations, also the coursers illegally hunting them is it any surprise they are difficult to find..

well hope you come back soon..







]]> (Paul King's Photography) Brown Hare Fishing Fly Grebe Hares Hunting Lepus Little Shropshire brown fields mammal Sat, 18 Mar 2017 01:58:14 GMT