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Barn Owl fly byBarn Owl fly by

I don't think I shall do the Sibe!

October 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

 Well it's midweek and it's still showing very nicely thank you, and so I persuaded myself it was one not to miss. I was on the road by 05:30 a quick M'accydoodles with extra coffee and off. I remembered why I was not so keen on going as I hit the major roadways, chaos ruled nearly all the way, to be fair though the only real hiccup was in Hull . Anyway I arrive around 09:39 and was onto the bird by 09:45. I say onto the bird! it was like looking for a wee beastie amongst the short scud along a large fence through two other fences. Now that always poses problems for the AF but jamming the lens against the fence rendered it practically invisible in the main. The midweek ploy sort of worked as the gathered ensemble was small, mind it was still early . They were still on the road!. Boy this thing was hard to follow small brown job moving like a mouse in the undergrowth was hard to keep with, but keep with it I did. and here some of the images.

Siberian AccentorSiberian Accentor

The first opportunity full on, as it moved across an opening.

Siberian AccentorSiberian Accentor

A three second pause, and people check before it was off again.

This went on for near an hour or more when it, for what ever reason lifted into the trees and every one lost sight of it, but it had very quietly gone out the back and moved to an area of moss covered car park behind the trees, and there I found it again, out in the open. reasonable light and it was happily feeding again. Not long before others joined me, alerted by the shutter going like crazy.

Siberian AccentorSiberian Accentor

At times even with the convertor off it was too darn close, but it was feeding very well and moving about just nice. I shall, maybe! add a couple more to the blog as I do them.

So another for tonight before I go to the land of nod.. Praps!

See you again I hope






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