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Rare Siberian visitor to Telford Shropshire.

April 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Nearly every year I make the effort to catch up with any Yellow-browed Warblers, well those within fuel allowance at least. If you consider the weight being barley more than a Goldcrest, and the distance they travel from the Siberian Taiga they deserve to be seen and admired for their endurance. 2016 saw one in Condover Shropshire which proved too elusive for me, so I went for the one at Kinver and very nice it was too. But to distant for any photo's. So how pleased was I when there was one reported virtually on the doorstep so to speak, 2.5 K,meters away in Shawbirch. Needless to say I was like a dog with two tails to catch up with it on the Sunday pm.

But still remained absent from the lens unfortunately, so it was go back and go back, until BOOM! nailed it! and a stupid grin on the Boat race. So why was I pleased let me show you.

Yellow-browed-Warbler-TFYellow-browed-Warbler-TF Yellow-browed-Warbler-cYellow-browed-Warbler-c Yellow-browed-Wabler-gYellow-browed-Wabler-g

Virtually all of the time was spent grabbing aphids and any other insects it could get hold of, interspersed with a bit of calling and preening but rarely still for more than a few seconds at a time. Assuming it has spent the winter somewhere in the county and how tatty it is things can only improve along with plumage I wonder how long it will stay in this little copse ?

So if you can go try and hook up with this little star.




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