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Barn Owl fly byBarn Owl fly by

A little of what you fancy

May 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

With the finding of the Night Heron at Venus Pool it produced a mini twitch by many a birder from as far as Ireland. Many Photographs have appeared since it re-located to the Dingle In Shrewsbury Giving many some fantastic photo opportunities. So not be left out here is one of a few from me.

along with a catch up from the month so far.

Night-Heron-cNight-Heron-c The Night Heron.

SEDGE-WARBLER-bb2017SEDGE-WARBLER-bb2017 Sedge Warbler in full song.

Whitethroat-BB-2017Whitethroat-BB-2017 Whitethroat blasting it out.

Whitethroat-a-BB-2017Whitethroat-a-BB-2017 And a bit quieter.

Garden-Warbler-CC-a-2017Garden-Warbler-CC-a-2017 Garden Warbler.

Garden-Warbler-CC-2017Garden-Warbler-CC-2017 Also in full song.

Tree-Pipit-CC-2017Tree-Pipit-CC-2017 Tree Pipit in display flight.

Dotterel-LM-a-2017Dotterel-LM-a-2017 A nice Dotterel on the Long Mynd a fantastic "got it" for the day, an earlier check produced no sightings but lots of swirling mist about at that point.

Dotteral-LM-2017-5Dotteral-LM-2017-5 The other of the pair in the driving rain and cold wind.

Wood-Warbler-CC-2017Wood-Warbler-CC-2017 Wood Warbler.

There you go catch up done for now.

more to come later I Hope.




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