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Barn Owl fly byBarn Owl fly by

Goodness what a time.

May 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It has been a little while since the last entry to the Blog, and it has been a real busy period indeed, flitting around some wonderful places north and south with dare I admit it a Twitch! so between Burton Mere, Leighton Moss Strawberry Banks and north Wales it was hectic to say the least.

So what on earth was achieved with this frenetic rush around? I shall show you with a little blurd for each picture. and even might have do a part two to ensure you get the full monty!

A blast from the past that never got blogged.

Red-footed FalconRed-footed Falcon The Red-footed Falcon

How I missed it out I don't know.

And so to start with some of the earlier periods of the month.

Avocet-Woodlane-2017Avocet-Woodlane-2017 Avocet at Woodlane Shropshire, and it was a one day wonder thankfully it was got.

bUFF-SAND-3bUFF-SAND-3 The Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Burton Mere Cheshire

A fantastic find which thankfully stayed for the masses, A first in the UK for me so I was welled pleased to say the least.

As the following one or two might attest to !

Buff-breasted-Sandpiper-a-BM-2017Buff-breasted-Sandpiper-a-BM-2017 Bully-Boy-and-Buff-breasted-SandpiperBully-Boy-and-Buff-breasted-Sandpiper Buff-breasted-and-Blackwit-BM-2017Buff-breasted-and-Blackwit-BM-2017 A stunning little wader indeed.

Femal-Redstart-a-EV-2017Femal-Redstart-a-EV-2017 Female Common Redstart

Elan Valley was the next port of call for some really nice close encounters with some nice birds and a fantastic pasty Mmmmm!

Male-Redstart-a-EV-2017Male-Redstart-a-EV-2017 Male Redstart

SPOTTED-FLYCATCHER-EV-2017SPOTTED-FLYCATCHER-EV-2017 The Spotted Flycatcher. these birds were not long on site and busy searching out partners and nest sites in the woods opposite the Visitor centre

I thought I would have do the Part 1 and 2 scenario this time round so as to ensure you get the full picture, so keep an eye out for part two in the next few days..



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