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Christmas is coming and the birds are getting scarce!!!

January 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Or so the saying goes, well sort of close anyway.. having to split my time between two locations, one with no web access. Did curtail my keyboard activities. So what has been going on? I hear you say, I hope!! The end of 2017 proved to be really good with the influx of Hawfinch's across the country, and it seems most Church yards having one or more in the county (Shropshire). Naturally it was a photo fest as sites were identified, and visited particularly the more rural ones. Mind you the weather was not going to be kind with very few days having good light, but with some perseverance some good results were had. For example;


Whitcliffe common above Ludlow was a good spot.  With some of the Church finch's.

Hawfinch-Fitz-3Hawfinch-Fitz-3 Hawfinch-31122917Hawfinch-31122917 Hawfinch Fitz 311217Hawfinch Fitz 311217 Hawfinch-FitzHawfinch-Fitz A Penduline Tit had taken up residence, once again in Gloucester, and it would have been rude not to go a do it, a cracking bird and confident if a little shy at times. However it did strike a pose..

Penduline-tit-2Penduline-tit-2 This was one of those rare occasions which allowed some good exposures.

PENDULINE-TIT-3PENDULINE-TIT-3 Tucking into lunch!

At the local reserve Redpol and Goldfinch were performing nicely in front of the hide on several days.


So now we wait to see how the next few weeks pan out, hoping for an extended wind change and temperature drop freezing the smaller waters and floods pushing wildfowl into more concentrated areas. Hmmm! we shall see..

rEDPOL-SIDE-ONrEDPOL-SIDE-ON rEDPOL-AND-SEEDSrEDPOL-AND-SEEDS Goldfinch-on-teaselGoldfinch-on-teasel Well that does it for the last two months, and here is hoping things start to improve soon.

Check back to find out





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